Our Resources Page contains links to external resources and how-to-guides to set up ham radio software plus other useful information

  1. Ham Radio Software Links
    A list of external website links to download the more popular Ham Radio Packages

  2. How to set up WSJT-X
    We have written a guide on how to set up WSJT-X. The WSJT-X Setup is based around our popular Digimode-4 interface

  3. How to set up Dimension 4 NTP Client 
    If you are using software such as WSJT-X, JTDX etc, you need your PCs clock accurately disciplined. Dimension 4 is a super easy and safe package to install and set up. This guide shows you how. (This page served from our www.ham-interfaces.com site)

  4. What is CAT Control
    Many folk get confused over what CAT control actually is often getting it confused with Digital Mode operation. This link takes you to our www.ham-interfaces.com site where we cover off the various flavours of CAT control by the different manufacturers and what it does.

  5. Racal Dana 19xx Frequency Counter/Timer Upgrade Project
    Being an owner of a Racal Dana 1998 Frequency Counter, I became aware how awful the default 10MHz reference was and how difficult (and expensive) it was to find a decent OCXO. So using the Popular CTI OCXO module, I developed my own. Here is the project details and if you need to upgrade your Racal Dana Counter reference, we sell them in our Accessories and Components Shop. The modules are compatible with the Racal Dana 1991, 1992, 1998 and 1999 Counter/Timers.