Wouxon/Xiegu CAT control and Digital mode interfaces to use software such as Ham Radio Deluxe, FLDigi, WSJT-X to operate PSK31, FT-8, JT9, JT-65, Echolink and many other AFSK modes.


Product: Digimode-3-Xiegu

External USB Sound Card isolated audio interface allowing you to operate many AFSK digital modes such as PSK31, FT8, JT9, JT65 and Echolink. Fully plug and play. Simply plug the USB cable into your PC and the Data plug into your transceiver.

Perfect with digital mode applications such as DM780, WSJT-X, FLDigi, Echolink etc.

The interface is fully galvanically isolated and uses the C-Media CM108 USB Audio Chipset. Most modern operating systems already have the CM108 driver pre-installed. The advantage of this interface is your PCs normal soundcard is not tied up for Digital mode operations. As you now have a separate and dedicated soundcard for your Digital Mode working, you can independently set the Tx/Rx audio levels leaving normal PC sound unaffected. This interface does include a VOX PTT but see the note regarding the X5105 and G90 below.

PTT operation. For best reliability with the X5105 and G90 transceivers we recommend the PTT is keyed via CAT commands so you will need a USB CAT interface. If you do not have one, have a look at our USB CAT Interface Xiegu-Cable-1-USB product which will work alongside this interface. For the Xiegu X108G, the PTT can be keyed via the built in Vox circuit. 

Cable length is 1.5m from the USB and audio connectors to the interface box. The cables from the interface box to the transceiver is 0.6m. The box is very compact at 80x40x20mm making it ideal to hide away behind the PC or transceiver using no desk space.

Option 1

Note: Check your X108G has the 6 pin mini Din accessory socket. This interface is only compatible with the X108G with the 6 pin mini Din. Later X108G's may have an 8 pin socket fitted.

Option 2

X5105 and G90

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Product: Xiegu-Cable-1-USB

Xiegu USB CAT Interface Cable using the highly reliable FTDI Chipset.  This interface allows you to use CAT control software and utilise the full feature set of Fldigi, WSJT-X, Ham Radio Deluxe and many others with your transceiver. It also allows you to correctly PTT Key the radio when operaing digital modes. The X5105 and G90 emulate the Icom IC-7000 CAT protocol.

The interface is fitted with the correct "recessed" 3.5mm CAT jack. (Standard 3.5mm plugs do not fit some Xiegu transcievers)

Full CAT control with CAT PTT on these tranceivers

X5105 and G90

* The standard cable length is 1.8m.

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